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I’m Ebby Mokaya and I love cities. Red heart I love the big buildings and the roads and on SOME days, the traffic. I live in Kenya and my city is Nairobi, hence the name ‘msichanawanairobi ‘ (which is Swahili for ‘the picture043 (2)girl of/from Nairobi’ ). I love this city because it’s really the only home I’ve ever known…(and it has many shopping malls Winking smile).

Furthermore, country life in Africa is REEEAAALLLY country…cow dung and all.Sad smile It’s not the picturesque stuff you see on cowboy movies…sigh. I remember once when I was a kid, my family took a trip over the Christmas holidays. My mum got me and my siblings excited by telling us amazing stories about our ‘Secret Country Home’. You know, the kind of stories that make you wistful and nostalgic (my mum is really good at those Smile ). So, anyway, we travelled all the way to our ‘amazing home’ in the Rift Valley and….WOW….my mum had really downplayed the whole thing. The place was as savannah as every other piece of land in the Rift Valley we had seen on the way there ,with the mud house to boot.Annoyed That moment changed my life forever. At a young age I realized that country living is not for me and so began my attachment to cities.

This blog is about all the strange, outrageous, fun, silly and important things that happen in this Nairobi girl’s life… It’s also a how- to- survive- in –Nairobi guide for girls like me who are urbanites at heart .Smile

I hope all who are reading enjoy  and  learn something…interesting …if not useful.


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