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Is the friend-zone that bad?

Nairobi men are terrified of the friend zone. Seriously, they have friendzoneaphobia (yes ,I made that up….:-) …genius, right?) .Anyway, this phobia is making it hard for girls like me to have a diverse social life…seriously.

There is only one sign that can prove the presence of this condition in a Nairobi male. Relentless, unfailing, persevering and untameable aggression towards a female of interest. Side effects of the condition are:

  1. The inability to hear and comprehend the word “NO”
  2. Unreasonable protectiveness and obsessiveness
  3. One develops a highly irritating personality (the worst one of all)

When you come on to a girl all aggressive and cave-man like, you will be friend-zoned; without parole. Well, at least this girl will. My girlfriends and I have days that run into weeks dealing with men who WON’T be friend-zoned. It is tiring.

This writer dares to ask the dreaded question: “Can’t we just be friends?… Please?” Someone tell me, “Is the friend-zone that bad?”


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