All I could do was wail and sob. The kind of sobs that take your breath away and leave you with chest pains.  I didn’t think that much pain was possible… I was in shock. I was distressed. I was frustrated. I was in pain. Worst of all, I was now a cliche.That was the day my idealism came crashing down around me and reality laughed at me. The day I gave up on some of my dreams, locked them up and threw away the key. The day I didn’t have a song to sing…(and I always have a song to sing). The day my heart was broken. The day I became a victim of romance.

Since then I have learnt a lesson. Behind sweet nothings, there are lies. Behind frivolous gifts, there is motive. Behind sweet gestures, there are master schemes. But most of all I have learnt that behind romance, there is heartbreak. Am I a skeptic? About romance I am.There’s something dishonest about over- the- top actions people use to show “love”. There’s something deceitful about exaggerated compliments people use to flatter one another. There’s something irresponsibly reckless about throwing care to the wind and going with the flow of infatuation.I don’t trust romance anymore.

When I look around me and see all the people who fall for it, I am worried and scared. When will we stop allowing ourselves to be fooled? We need to give up on romance. Some may ask, so how will you fall in love? How will you get married? Well, that’s easily answered. The right way. Romance has nothing to do with love. Romance is not a sign of love , neither is it an element of love. If it were, the Bible would have it right up there with “patient” “kind” and the rest in 1 Corinthians 13 as:  “Love is romance…” or “Love is romantic…”

 This girl has let it go. Romance can go to hell because it could only have come from there. I don’t want flowers and candles and candy if you’re doing it to be romantic. I’d prefer kindness and understanding and honesty. I don’t want flattery and charm. I want sincerity and a great personality. 

Romance is a waste of time and energy. So, I give up on romance. I’m waiting for true love, I know it’s worth the wait.




8 thoughts on “I GAVE UP ON ROMANCE

  1. I’m sorry for your experience. I’d agree that those actions mean very little if they aren’t accompanied by the right intentions. I’m sure one day you’ll invite the experience of true romance into your life, one which comes from a place of love.


  2. romance according to my dictionary is an intimate relationship bbtwn two people so i ask can love really exist without intimacy?surely it cannot even the love of God there has to be intimancy although its not canal its spiritual,you have to feel constantly connected to Him and we do this through prayer,worship and spending time in His word.Am sorry youve lost hope,but could it be youve been gooing for the wrong type of men,coz let me tell you the hard truth.Unless your man loves and fears God he will always break ur heart.


    1. I have been going for the wring type of men.. That much I agree with. However, in thus context when I talk about romance I mean the chocolate ,flowers, flirting thing which have little or nothing to do with intimacy. Intimacy between two people works because there is a connection based on real love. Its the same with God .. You can give Him lip service ..you know… Flirt and flatter but there is no real connection and hence ni real intimacy. Love is a principle and romance is mostly something you do because you’ve been told that’s what you should do if you’re someone’s boyfriend or girlfriend… Romance is not bad… However, it us meaningless in a relationship that’s not based in true love.. Because in such relationships romance is used to manipulate. And that was what happened in my case.


    2. And yes… No man can be a true gentleman unless he has yielded himself fully to the influence of the Hiky Spirit.. So you are right.. Unless he Loves and Fears God he will break your heart. Thanks for the contribution… 🙂 Keep reading and contributing …


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