ImageEver since Adam was kicked out of the garden Eden… men have been forced to hunt. For 6000 years men have been hunting animals for food, hunting for sport and hunting to annihilate threats. However, with the onset of the modern era, men are no longer roaming forests, throwing spears, shooting arrows and firing guns. So their hunting instinct and predator-like strategy are focused  on the only logically available prey: women.

This is not to say that back in the day when light bulbs were fires and text messages were smoke signals, men did not chase after women. I am sure most of our grandmothers can tell tales of how our great grandmothers were literally chased by our great grandfathers and his friends from the river and how they broke their favorite clay water pot in their efforts to escape. She can go on and on about how those efforts came to nothing as they were whisked away, wailing and screaming (just for the sake of course, since they sort of didn’t have an option) over the shoulder of whoever caught them and how the next morning your great grandma woke up a changed woman…. and nine months later your grandmother or grandfather was born. (I’m laughing just thinking about it…. African romance was so straight forward back then.) However, not much effort was put into these things. Once cows, goats and other livestock exchanged hands as payment of bride price (sometimes without the girl’s knowledge)… it was mostly up to the giver of livestock to claim his prize.

These days: women are empowered and they have the power and the right to turn a man down; cows, goats and other livestock notwithstanding.So men have had to become smarter and plot ,plan and scheme,devise ingenious and intricate plans and go to great lengths to execute their plans with the precision and expertise of experienced masterminds. (I know many men will deny this.They will deny it and swear on graves and skeletons of ancestors that they have better things to do. Of course they have better things to do, except when it’s a woman on their mind.) Please note, I am not saying that being hunted is a bad thing, in fact a lot of women enjoy the whole deer-caught-in-the-headlights, rabbit-in-a-corner, damsel-in-distress business. I just think women should know what they are getting themselves into if they decide to get caught.

So here are three things have realized by observation and a bit of experience.


Yes, even the sweet, Bible reading, verse quoting, choir singing, church going guy. They are all hunters. So ,when it’s someone who’s “just a friend” , and you are both unattached… you are being hunted. Even if it’s the most unlikely person… lady, he is hunting you . Furthermore, he is hunting you and patiently waiting out your resolve like a lion stalking his prey. So be prepared to wait him out if you won’t be caught.


Men only hunt women for two reasons: to eat or to mate. The first is a the second is a protector. If he is hunting to eat, he will discard his catch as soon as as he has had his fill and leave it to rot. If he hunting to mate, he will take the time to entice, woo and finally catch in trap of love you won’t want to leave. And just so no one is confused,you want the man who is hunting to because honestly, how many times will you be discarded before you lose faith in all men.which is not fair since not all men are jerks.


This is the hardest thing to do, I have learned because I have realized that  predators are great at playing protector so it can be hard to tell them apart. Then the protectors who are apprehensive and unsure about a woman’s feelings towards them fake predatory tendencies as a way of protecting themselves. Truthfully, all I know is that you have to learn the difference. Sadly, I am yet to figure it out.

So for now, I am just another helpless gazelle in the African savanna praying with all her heart that the hunter coming her way is a protector and if not , may God open her eyes to the predator hiding behind so-called “good intention” and may she run like her life depends on it… because it does.


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