wpid-0939723b4abf227c7808b8485d7e5160.jpgI know this post is long overdue and I hope it was well worth the wait.

There are good girls,there are bad girls,there are girls who are good at being bad and girls who are bad at being good (I fall in this last category.) But let’s be real..we know all that already. So today I want to share something about women I have learned from being one myself and from observing women and girls around me. Today, I want to introduce you to six girls who may be familiar to you and maybe you will understand the women around you better. (But then again they are women… The understanding thing might not happen,but please keep reading). Here is what a woman might be:

This is the highly adaptable girl who seems to fit in anywhere and with anyone. Her behaviour seems to suggest that all she needs is a background and she’ll change her colours. Take her to church…she’ll lead Bible study. Take her to class… She’s a research assistant. Take her to the club..she’s the life of the party. Put her in the kitchen and lo and behlod she’s Martha Stewart. She kind of seems like she has the best of all worlds. Girls like this have always amazed me with their ability to be anyone they want to be but deep down I always worry whether they ever have time to be themselves or if they even know themselves.

This is the tough girl.. Or at least that’s how she seems. She has a thick skin and a hard head. She’s often seen as heartless and obstinate. When really she’s the one with a soft heart and an admirable loyal streak. They will be found making jokes about themselves and acting like nothing embarasses them. They take insult to themselves seemingly well but get offended when you hurt people close to them.However, girls,  like these, I have learned have a tough exterior to protect something they don’t want hurt or insulted.There’s a story behind that tough exterior.

Still waters run deep. This is the calm girl. Quiet and almost always in thought. She keeps to herself and tries not to be noticed. Like a river, only the trees with deep, strong and firm roots are by her side. She only has meaningful friendships people who she believes add value in her life. However, there’s life beneath the water…  She has thoughts and feelings and desires and frustrations like every other girl. She just keeps them to herself. The problem is when it becomes too much she floods and leaves a lot of damage in her wake.

This is the attractive girl. The one who has a bright personality and draws people to her. The attention catcher… Who thrives on socialising and being in groups. She has a lot of good to give.. until she doesn’t, then she stings… Because just like a bee she can give you something sweet or bring you a lot of pain… It all depends on how you treat her. Her behaviour is always a response to how you treat her.

Now this is the creepiest girl you’ll ever meet. She is venom on the inside and venom on the outside. She has nothing nice to say about anyone or anything and her negativity just ruins everybody’s fun. This is what most of us would call a bitter woman. They act like they are bigger than they really are and like they brought themselves into this world. These kind of girls are generally an unpleasant experience.

I love pandas!! Have you seen those animals?? They just make you want to hug them. Now this kind of girl tends to inspire tenderness and protectiveness just by how she is. She’s cute and cuddly and all those lovely things that a majority of women are not. Which is okay.She wants the simple things in life.. Love..happiness. She isn’t over ambitous because to her there is more to life. She’s the type of girl who’s honest about her sadness or her happiness and knows how to share a burden.So be happy when you run into this one. She’s a gem.

So.Think about the women in your life and for goodness sake get rid of the scorpions.

P.S Its okay if you feel like you dont fall in any category. Leave a comment and let me know what some women remind you of. Thanks for reading.


9 thoughts on “A WOMAN MIGHT BE

  1. Sweet and short. It was well worth the wait Ebby. A wonderful piece, insightful and still honest. Vintage ‘msichana wa Nairobi.’

    I think I fall in all categories but mostly the first one. Reading this was so relatable it felt like staring at my own reflection in the mirror…don’t take so long next time.


  2. “…for goodness sake, get rid of the scorpions! ” 😀 😀 lol! Too true! Such negativity is bad for anyone.

    I think categories 2 and 3 describe me best. 😉

    Great piece! Let me see where the other women in my life fall.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I was reading through all of them thinking, ‘this must be me’, then got to the last one and said, ‘this MUST be me’ 😀 I fit a little into all the categories except the scorpion of course! Ahem


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