Hey, my name is Ebby, but you can call me “msichanawanairobi” or “msichanawanai”, since you took the time to come see what I’m about around here. Thanks ,by the way. I’m a young woman who’s trying to live life in a non-cliche way. Being myself and who I’m becoming, if that makes sense. I love God and I’m not ashamed of it. He’s my first love…which is followed closely by my mutually exclusive loves: potatoes, books, music,and tea (not necessarily in that order.) I have a natural hair obssession and a passion for teaching other women to love their natural hair(which I hope to do here).  I have a lot to say, about the things I love, and a lot to say about the things I don’t really like…and I learned a while back that I often make a mess of my verbal communication so…I figured, I’d write it down, and maybe we could learn from each other? So, this is it: the place where we talk about everything…Life.Love.Lessons…and everything in between,that is: hair, food,books,random thoughts, the shape of the clouds…Yup. Everything. Thanks for stopping by. Please subscribe and feel free to share the posts you like with friends. 😘😃

P.s. We laugh a lot around here.


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